Thursday December 8th || de Taboola

Black Friday and Cyber Monday online sales hit record breaking numbers this year. According to eMarketer, online sales surged to $1 billion dollars daily leading up to the weekend, and reached more than $3 billion dollars on Black Friday and again on Cyber Monday. However, leading up to this year’s sales, many were skeptical if the infamous holiday shopping weekend still held the same weight.

Just as we demonstrated what happens when consumers spend time reading about fashion, we wanted to also examine the power of a sale on Black Friday/Cyber Monday. To do this, we examined a few of the most popular mobile devices and tablets – a common Black Friday/Cyber Monday purchase – and measured them up to their deals on the day.

Here is what we found:

During the last quarter, the iPhone steadily remained a front runner in terms of how much time people spend reading about devices in comparison to iPad, Galaxy, HTC, Nexus, Pixel and others. However, the Galaxy, saw an increase of 600% in reading time just before the Black Friday weekend – which can be attributed to its drastic discount on for Galaxy device lineup offers as low as $39 for certain models/carriers.  

This illustrates just how powerful a sale can be in grabbing attention from potential customers. . In addition to jumping on the sale trends ahead of Black Friday, Taboola recommends building a solid content strategy to help drive readers toward your product or brand during the holiday shopping season.

See our charts below: